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Human connection. Reimagined.

Embrace Peace of Mind, Anytime, Anywhere.

Accompanied everywhere you go.

One-Touch Activation

Whether it's our jewelry, app, or smartwatch widget, one press will send help on the way.

Multi-Level Alert System

Choose between audible alerts and silent alarms, selecting the option that best suits your needs in any situation.

Background Voice Recording

When an alarm is activated, ResQ discreetly records audio, depending on your phone's capabilities.

Live Location Tracking

Your live location and audio recordings will be sent to your contacts for up to 24 hours.

Liberate Your Moments

Our collection is crafted for liberation — for those spontaneous outings and the vibrant pulse of life. Revel in the freedom and reclaim your space, secure in the knowledge that ResQ is always within reach.

Freedom to Enjoy Life

Our product is designed with one thing in mind: your unencumbered joy. It’s about taking back the night, the streets, and the confidence that comes with knowing you’re always a simple touch away from safety.

Designed for When You Need It. And When You Don't.

Elegantly crafted to accent your style, ResQ Jewelry is poised to protect at a moment's notice. It's the everyday elegance you desire with the hidden vigilance you require.

Wearing the Maitri out makes me feel so much safer at night. I can't recommend it enough!

Alison Parker
December 2023

I think it's amazing that your team empowers women in vulnerable situations. Keep up the good work!

Tina Li
November 2023

Got this as a gift from my brother. Surprisingly ended up as one of my most worn accessories.

Jessica Smith
November 2023

How it works

Step 1: Download the App

Download the ResQ App from the Google Play Store or App Store to get started on setting up your emergency contacts.

How it works

Step 2: Add Your Contacts

Follow the onboarding instructions and add your first set of contacts into a group. You can create multiple groups and select which group to keep active!

How it works

Step 3: Pair Your Jewelry

Pair your new smart jewelry directly from the app home screen via Bluetooth. Your device is now ready for use!

Connect to your support network in one-click.

Never feel vulnerable again with your entire contact list accompanying you for those late night walks or solo outings, knowing that help is only seconds away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ResQ products substitute calling 9-1-1?

At ResQ Jewelry, we recognize that not all vulnerable situations are critical. Our products are designed as a way to bring a suitable amount of help appropriate for the situation. Our "loud alert" sends a text message to 9-1-1.

However, for life threatening and critical situations, please call 9-1-1.

What happens when I press the panic button?

A link containing your live location will be sent out to your pre-set emergency contact list along with periodic audio recordings. This will continue until you turn it off with your personal PIN.

What is a "Loud" alert?

When the 'Loud' panic button is pressed, your phone will announce that help is on the way. This is a de-escalation feature that aims to put a stop to the behavior/situation that is making you feel vulnerable.

What is a "Discreet" alert?

When the "Discreet" panic button is pressed, the app silently sends out your live location and records audio without making a sound. Think of it as the silent alarm system commonly found on public transportation.

Is the ResQ service subscription only?

Yes. Unfortunately, our contract with our partners that enable these safeguard features costs us funds to maintain. These subscription fees allow our team to keep improving our physical and digital offerings with premium features.

Can I pair several ResQ jewelry pieces to my phone without extra fees?

Yes, you can pair multiple ResQ necklaces and bracelets to your phone using one subscription, allowing you to switch styles freely with no additional cost.

Is the ResQ app compatible with Apple Watch?

Yes, the ResQ app works with Apple Watch with limited functionalities.