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ColorRose Gold
Subscription for 3 yearsNo

3 year subscription available at a discounted rate of $150. Subscription is needed for the ResQ-App (available in Apple AppStore and Google Playstore) which pairs with your jewelry to send emergency alerts to your contacts and to use other features of the app. You can also purchase monthly subscriptions for $9.99/month or yearly subscriptions for $59.99/year while setting up the app.

Monthly and Yearly subscriptions are available at ResQ-App.


Maitri Bracelet by ResQ


Elegance in Alliance

Introducing the Maitri Bracelet from ResQ – the ultimate safety accessory for dynamic young professionals. This elegant bracelet ensures you're always connected and secure without compromising your sophisticated style.


Discreet Vigilance

The Maitri Bracelet features a hidden button that discreetly alerts contacts and shares your location, perfect for busy professionals who need quick, unobtrusive security.


Durability Meets Design

Built to withstand your busy schedule, the Maitri Bracelet combines robustness with timeless style, making it an essential accessory for any professional.


Symbolism of Friendship

Named for friendship, the Maitri Bracelet embodies solidarity and support, reminding you that you're never alone in your professional journey.

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$139.00 USD

ResQ Collection:

Safety Meets Style

The ResQ Collection, featuring the Maitri Bracelet and Shakti Necklace, embodies a harmonious blend of fashion and security. Each piece is a statement of sophistication, offering discreet protection with a touch of elegance.

Silent Sentinel

These wearable guardians are more than just accessories. With a simple press, they connect you to your safety network, ensuring peace of mind while complementing your personal style. Experience the power of security and style, unified in every ResQ design.