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The ResQ Team

Our founder, Our journey, Our vision.

Before founding Findmenow, Kavita was a full-time engineer as well as a mother to two beautiful girls. Taking on a job as a full-time mother is no small feat (she pretty much works 90-hour weeks!), but she really had it in for her when her children reached adolescence. 

Like all parents of teenage daughters, Kavita suffers from parental anxiety; the trigger being worrying over her child’s safety. So naturally, she would start to ask more questions to better understand what was going on in her daughters’ life. This inevitably leads to her daughters feeling like they’re being interrogated and naturally, as most teenagers do, they try to avoid these questions in order to maintain independence. Over time, this leads to tension building from both sides which eventually erupts into full-out war. You can imagine how stressful Kavita’s life must have been juggling a full-time job and parental responsibilities. 

In the year 2021, Kavita had a revelation. Being an engineer herself, as well as having a doctorate in electronics and communication, she thought that there must be a solution to help ease the ongoing tension between her and her daughter while giving her peace of mind as a parent over her daughter’s safety.

Fast-forward 8 months later, the first working prototype emerged. Findmenow is a BLE panic button disguised as jewelry. It can map the user's path, record audio of the ongoing situation, send the location/map and voice recordings to the user's contacts, and also play an audio warning to ward off immediate threats. While Findmenow was designed with safety and security as the first priority, Kavita also understands that the design itself must also be captivating enough that her daughter would wear it even if it was just a regular piece of jewelry. 

Throughout her journey, Kavita would often seek out feedback from her daughters which ended up unintentionally bringing them closer together. By launching Findmenow, Kavita hopes to create a safer world for daughters across the world as well as help mothers like her avoid conflicts with their daughters over safety altogether.